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What We Do

  • The LPRCA holds an advisory membership on the Nebraska Land Trust's Board of Directors. The LPRCA supports the Trust with outreach and coordination in the Trust's Lower Platte Focus Area

  • Support and partner with the Tern & Plover Conservation Partnership to identify and protect habitat of the endangered least tern and threatened piping plover.

  • Support efforts to identify and control invasive species in the lower Platte watershed

  • Partner with University of Nebraska-Omaha scientists and students to monitor water quality and promote a better understanding of watershed dynamics.

  • Coordinate with and support Recovery Program efforts focused on the Central Platte

  • The LPRCA has collaborated with the National Drought Mitigation Center on efforts such as "Drought Ready Communities" to increase community preparedness to mitigate the impacts of drought.

  • The NACEE seeks to foster an environmentally literate citizenry in Nebraska and serve as a leader in conservation and environment education.

  • The LPRCA belongs to the River Management Society--a national organization for professionals and organizations that study, protect and manage rivers.

  • The River Network is a national organization that focuses on increasing collaboration and communication between organizations, government agencies, and cities and counties to better manage rivers across the United States.

  • Nebraska-Iowa Regional Orthophotography Consortium (NIROC)

    Partnered to collect LiDAR data for the Lower Platte River.